As one whose Rock, I believe, to be the risen Christ, I am inspired by The Six Fix. The Six Fix is not a self-improvement program. It is a heart-change, which Michael sees as the only hope for our great country. May we join him!

...Robert Farnsworth, Evangelical Christian-American
CEO Hummingbird Productions,
Nashville, Tennessee

I am unapologetically liberal and unapologetically a Democrat. This insane alliance of political parties, right wing religious conservatives and corporate-money is destructive to everything America stands for.

The Six Fix lays out, in very simple terms, the human values we need for bringing back our country from this disaster. Please hear his voice, and take his words to heart.

...Barry Friedman, D.D., Liberal Jewish-American
Retired Rabbi
Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

Reading these words, the reader will be awarded a true sense of the "Spirit of G-d," even if they are atheists. Jews, Christians, Muslims and others will be able to identify their own Sacred Texts here

...Imam Abdul Baqi Hamed, Muslim-American
Correctional facility chaplain
Brooklyn, New York

From my perspective, America has lost its appreciation for the spiritual teachings and wisdom that comes from our Native Legacy. The Six Fix's Life-Centered Priorities get us back to basics in life, reminding us to honor self, others, country and future generations.

...Denise Alley, Native American
Motivational Speaker, author of Native Heart
Mesa, Arizona

Shevack issues a red flag, a warning, that unless we re-align our priorities to the way Life is designed, America will never be America again. The Six Fix is a road map to true recovery, which goes way beyond just economics.

...Tony LaMonte, Italian-American
Artist and Designer
City Island, New York

The Six Fix is inspired but common sense encouragement for an America that is bigger than "what the next election" brings in. If your heart hurts for what has happened to our country, like me, get the cure.

...Chuck Kent, Anglo-American
Marketing Professional
Evanston, Illinois

The Six Fix is a call to personal and communal action that cuts across all social, political, and spiritual boundaries to create wholeness and goodness in our families, our communities, our country and our world.

...Sabrina Sojourner, Jewish, Lesbian, African-American Facilitator/Speaker Diversity and Multiculturalism
Washington, D.C.


By-passing political rhetoric, Michael's focus is deep human spirituality - Life-Centered Principles - that will empower all us, adults or children. Apply them, and America will be good again.  America needs The Six Fix!

...Betty Siemers Viener, Patriot American
Republican State Central Committee
New Orleans, Louisiana

If we all guided our actions by The Six Fix, the cruelty, nastiness and divisiveness in America would end overnight, and the political baiting of the gay population and every other group seen as "different" would be understood as inhumane and a wrongful betrayal of our nation's ideals.

...John Blackburn, M.S.W. A Gay and Proud American Private Investigator
San Francisco, California

Rabbi Michael courageously speaks his truth and in-vites us to enter a conversation that will change us forever. Read this work, if you dare grow beyond your wildest dreams!

...Reverend Rhetta Morgan, African American
Interfaith Minister, Founder of Ecclesia Spiritual Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Rabbi Shevack lays out a program for what could be a 21st century Great Awakening in American consciousness. I hope this book gets read and read widely and soon!

...Rev. Will Burhans, Anglo-American
United Church of Christ Minister
Charlotte, Vermont

In our complicated hyper-24/7 moden world filled with non-stop curve balls that rock our core existence at a personal and national level, Rabbi Michael's Six Fix method helps us to simplify and see clearly. The Six Fix shines a guiding light on how we as Americans can re-prioritize our lives and put ourselves back on track.

...Helen Ng, Asian-American
Socially-conscious Entrepreneur
New York, New York

The Six Fix is so simple! So brilliant! If you remember nothing else from this simple guide to personal, family, business, and national health, remember to look for the good, in all people (oneself included), places and things!

Thank you for The Six Fix for what ails America. From a friend and fellow American.

...Christy Pfeiffer, Irish-German-American
World War Two Tour Operator
Tampa, Florida