Book is 6" x 9" paperback -  208 pages on quality paper with high gloss cover. To ask your bookstore to carry the book, reference our ISBN 978-0-615-51962-3.

Thank you so much for your interest in The Six Fix, and for taking the time to consider reading it.

I wrote this book to help give you a little peace-of-mind. You deserve it.

Not just peace-of-mind for you personally, but also peace-of-mind for each and every American, whether African-, German-, Gay-, Latino-, Christian-, Hindu-, Anglo-, Italo-, Asian-. . . all of the beautiful hyphenated-heritages in our great American diversity.

You Can Be Left or Right, Republican or Democrat, Pro-Life or Pro-Choice

Whether you’re on the right or the left, whether you are Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, Red or Blue, we all need some peace-of-mind right now, because we’re all going through a very difficult time in America.

Peace-of-mind begins when, instead of attacking each other, pointing fingers of blame at each other (or ourselves), we stop and realize that we are all– all Americans– we are all in it together!

What is the “It” that we are all in together? Life.

The Six Fix teaches a different approach to all the challenges facing America (and Americans). It teaches a spiritual approach, based on certain universal spiritual principles that are obvious, self-evident and “built into Life”, like the Enlightenment philosophy which inspired our Founding Fathers.

The Basic Message of The Six Fix is this: Life is Good!

Life, Reality, Existence (whatever you call It) is not chaotic. Life has an Order to it. Life is Good! It is prioritized, organized, ordered or designed to be good. If Life were dice, we would say they are weighted in the direction of good. Everything in Life is created to become more whole, integrated, harmonious, good. The Order of Life is constructed so as to continuously improve, to progress, to evolve (if you don’t mind this word) towards greater goodness and more and more happiness. This is the very nature of Life.

However, within Life are certain built in priorities– Life-Centered Priorities. In Life, some things are more important than others. For instance, air and food are more important priorities than televisions. So, it’s not politics that determines our priorities. It’s not religion that determine our priorities. It’s not economics. It’s not fashion. It is not any mere opinion of any elected official that should determine our priorities. Nor, is it merely our personal opinions that determine what should be our priorities. Life determines our most important priorities in Life!

Think, speak and act in accordance with Life-Centered Priorities

Life-Centered Priorities are very critical. If you don’t act in a way that is aligned to the correct Life-Centered Priorities, then, you cease to live in alignment to Life’s goodness. In a state of mis-alignment or dis-alignment, you begin to “sow and reap” problems, difficulties, challenges and other lacks-of-goodness.

There are two kinds of Life-Centered Priorities: Value Priorities and Relationship Priorities. The Value Priorities in order of importance are 1) health 2) peace 3) freedom 4) wisdom 5) full potential 6) prosperity.

The Relationship Priorities in order of importance are 1) yourself 2) an other 3) all others 4) future generations 5) all Life and Creation 6) continuous improvement. If you organize your life, making decisions according to these prioritiees, you become more aligned to Life, and Goodness naturally follows.

Acting without alignment to Life-Centered Priorities creates our problems

This is how we create all our difficulties in America, and in our personal lives.

This is how we create our corporate challenges, our political or economic challenges and our personal challenges. This is why we have difficulties in our homes and families, our communities, our states and the entire nation. We all, without realizing it, became un-aligned to Life-Centered Priorities, and Life sent us a huge “wake up call”! Each of our problems is a “sign” of the Life-Centered Priorities we were blind to, so we can wake up and learn our error.

And this is where the peace-of-mind comes from! Because, one you learn the spiritual un-alignments that created your/our problems, and correct them, then, you become re-aligned to Life’s goodness. We begin again to live, breathe, think, speak and act in alignment to goodness. Goodness begins to follow us in everything we think, say and do (a very important phrase in The Six Fix). We are no longer struggling uphill to solve our problems. We are now flowing with the very current-of-goodness which is the power-of-Life. We are empowered. We experience what many ancient spiritual teachers called Grace or Providence, or what today’s spiritual vocabulary might term Synchronicity or Flow.

Setting ourselves on a New Path of Spirituality, Grace, and Providence

The Six Fix is A Simple Spiritual Guide to Restoring America’s Goodness because it sets America, and every American on a new, clean path, understanding how to align everything we think, say and do towards seeking goodness, in accordance with Life-Centered Priorities.

These are objective spiritual priorities. As you put them in place in your Life, you will notice, objectively, Life responding. Life gets easier. Life gets “more good”. Prosperity comes easier, more effortlessly, and is lasting prosperity.

America may seem plagued by seemingly insurmountable economic, political and social problems. You yourself may be experiencing financial difficulties, relationship problems, marital challenges and career-confusions. However, all these problems – all of them – are simply the same kind of problem: they are all spiritual problems. They all – all of them – can be solved much more easily, once you re-align yourself to the Life-Centered Priorities that The Six Fix teaches. Indeed, it was your lack-of-alignment to them that created the problems in the first place.

This is a truth that everyone needs to understand, whether you are a homemaker, a corporate executive, the President, a political party, a cub scout, an institution or business, a local school board or community center. (I suffered greatly until I learned this truth.) The Six Fix can help restore goodness to all our lives, because we’re all in Life, and the same rules-of-Life apply to us all.

It’s been said that we can’t solve America’s problems until we “share the same priorities”. That’s what The Six Fix is all about: Getting our priorities straight, or rather, correct (another very important word in The Six Fix).

So please, “for goodness sake”, read The Six Fix. Learn its principles. Teach them to your children, your neighbors, your elected-officials. Together, we can restore America’s goodness.

We’re all in Life, together! Let’s learn how Life works. For good!

Thank you so much.

Michael Shevack